Pharmacovigilance Department & Drug Safety

This page is dedicated to Pharmacovigilance and drug safety and it is established for in receiving reports and information about adverse Drugs reactions and drug safety of products marketed by Jal Pharma or any product or quality complaints on our products. Our main interest by establishing a pharmacovigilance department is the safety of patients and people who use our medicines and the safety of people in general.


We try to ensure that patients and customers get the maximum benefits from medicines and ensure that risk is minimized as much as possible. collecting information about safety and quality of our medicines help to avoid any harmful effects.

All people including patients, health care providers, customers or public can contact us and /or send information or reports about adverse drug reactions and drug safety or product complaints . you can contact the pharmacovigilance department on the contact information listed below (Contact us ) to inform, ask, request any information on our products or report complaints on the quality of our products.

You can contact us through Email ,fax or phone 24 hours aday 7 days a week.

Basic information: What is pharmacovigilance ? It is the science and activities related to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects of drugs as well as follow up and analysis of all information related to drug safety.
What are adverse effects ? They are noxious unintended response to medicinal product .

Adverse effects (reaction ) are two types:
1. Expected : which can happen as a result of drug properties and its effects on the body and they are usually discovered before drug marketing and they are mentioned in the internal leaflet of the drug.  
2. Unexpected : which are unexpected and reasons for their occurrence are unknown and no connection with drug properties can be found. This unexpected effects are rarely happened but if happen , they can cause harmful effect.

Dear Patient:
1. For your safety please take the medicine as prescribed by your physician and the instructions mentioned in the drug leaflet .
2. Before taking the medicine , it is better that you read the drug leaflet.
3. Avoid taking medicines without prescriptions.

Dear Patient / Dear Drug Health Provider / Dear Customers / people:
Please do not hesitate to report about any adverse drug reaction or drug safety information (ADR) for any medicinal product marketed by Jalpharma You can contact us 24/7 24 hours / 7 days a week through the contacts details listed in this page. (Contact Us)

It is important that you inform / report about any Adverse drug reaction , they are serious and can lead to bad consequences including death. To report about adverse drug reaction of any drug not belonging to jalpharma , you can contact the pharmacovigilance center at the supreme board of drugs and medical appliances of the ministry of health on the following link

1) Drug Safety, Adverse drug reaction, Reporting Forms:
• For Healthcare providers Click Here
• For Public Click Here

2) Products Complaints reporting form: Click Here